Information about the group


InKemia has as objective to generate knowledge of high technological value for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, nutraceutical and related industries.

KNOWLEDGE that is commercialized through the generation, promotion, development and sale of products and services of high added value, is the key element of InKemia’s business development.



This knowledge or know-how is transformed into a pipeline of products, processes, services and technological platforms that are highly specialized, integrated and protected by patents.

Based on this, a group of business strategies are developed:

01 Generation of a pipeline that covers final products and technological processes that are derived from the group’s own R&D, so that they can be patented, sold, and transferred to the industry.

02 Co-development of R&D of high technological value with companies related to the sector, this way sharing the risks and benefits.

03 Use of the developed technology by selling closed projects of highly specialized services under the mode “contract research” and “technology service”.

04 The use, manufacturing and commercialization of products through spin-outs based on our own technology and that make sense to us as an independent company. The objective of this strategy is to have grater control over the know-how generated during the commercialization process. These spin-outs are open to the participation of specialized investors and independent managers.

05 Creation of new companies as a result of third-party agreements or collaborations with technological entrepreneurs of related fields.

06 Development of complementary services for the companies, clients and the general market, such as: technological analysis services, technical consultancy, specialised training.

InKemia is structured in the following way:





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