Mission /Vision/ Values

Mission /Vision/ Values

InKemia has as a mission the generation of knowledge of high technological value to give support to the industries in the life sciences field.

We are not looking to become an industrial company, but to centre our activity in what we are good at: generating knowledge. To deviate from this purpose could generate distortions that would gradually lead us to abandon what defines us, the capacity to generate knowledge through innovation

In order to make the most advantage of this knowledge, we want to also innovate on our business model; this is why we open InKemia to the world, a world which is increasingly synergic and open, where the capacity to create a network of alliances becomes a competitive advantage, which makes innovation more valuable.

We are constantly looking to learn and develop new ways to make business in order to give solutions to small and big clients, making it possible for the innovation to be within everyone’s reach. And to make this happen, we adapt to the needs of the companies in order to grow with them.

All this can be achieved thanks to a highly qualified human team, because knowledge lies within people and they are the driving force of our company.



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