Vytrus Biotech (EN)

About Vytrus Biotech, SL

Created in 2009 as a spin-off of the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Barcelona, Phyture Biotech bases all of its activities in its technological platform of vegetable cell culture. With this technology one can modify the metabolism of the cells to obtain innovative extracts of high added value and that are more efficient and safe than the traditional ones. Phyture Biotech is a pioneer in the application of this technology in the industry.

On the one hand a new range of products is being developed based on the culture of unique vegetal cells. These products will then become active ingredients destined to the cosmetic, dermatologic and pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, researches are being carried out to optimize the technology in the production of recombinant proteins. Even thought currently they are not commonly used, the vegetable cells have a great potential in this sector because of their unique characteristics.

Investment in Vytrus Biotech, S.L.

In the BioSpain congress in 2012 an agreement of investment was presented by the Knowledge capital fund for the company Phyture Biotech S,L, becoming the first company where the fund invested. InKemia entered this biotechnological company with an investment of 270.000 € participating with 21,26% in its capital



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