What is it?


This is a seed capital fund through which InKemia puts in disposition for the entrepreneurs a new financial tool so that they can launch their innovative project.

This fund is born under the strategic perspective of “Open Innovation”. The main characteristic that defines it, is that it is not a fund targeted exclusively to providing financial funds to a new company, but that it expects to contribute further with the value of knowledge, experience and technology that InKemia has to offer.

The fund has 4 million Euros to invest in 10 years with an investment volume per transaction between 50 K and 400 K Euros, being the average in 200K Euros.

The objective is to be able to participate in 2 annual transactions.

The participation in the company’s shares will be minority.

The disinvestments are planned in the mid and long term, and are in every case agreed with the entrepreneur. There is no maximum term of disinvestment.




  •   info@inkemia.com
  •  +34 93 579 34 32
  •  +34 93 570 57 45
  •  C\ Àlvarez de Castro, 63, 08100
    Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona)