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Licensing Out is the Department of IUCT in charge of negotiating the license of products & technologies obtained as a result of its research activity.

IUCT currently holds 70 granted patents in three large fields like:

-        Drug Development,Drug Discovery, Biomedicine.

-        Industrial Biotechnology and Biofuels.

-        Green Chemistry and Green Products.

Some of these patents come from products/technologies in which all the researches are finished and available for its license or technology transfer. Among them we have:

Exopolysaccharides (EPS):new active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

-        C2: it has shown a potent antioxidant activity (it increases 15 times the GSH/GSSG ratio) and it notably stimulates the endogen keratin synthesis (more than 40% compared to control). Due to their properties, it is specially indicated for the formulation of hair care products like shampoos, hair conditioners….

-        C3: it has an excellent antioxidant activity, scavenging and detoxifying the cells from the free radicals, and it is also capable of counteracting the malignat effects of UV radiation (up to 60% more when compared to control). These properties makes C3 specifically indicated for its use in skin, anti-aging and sun protection formulations.

Drug Discovery libraries:we have a variable number of compounds already synthetized for their use in the research of new drugs in areas like:

-        Cancer: lung, breast, colon, liver, pancreas, kidney, lymphoma, leukaemia and glyoblastoma

-        Viral diseases: AIDS, HIV, hepatitis…

-        Central Nervous System diseases: Alzheimer, Parkinson, anxiety disorders, depression…

-        Coagulation.

-        Inflammatory diseases.

We have also obtained some hits, compounds that have shown in vitro activity, in the aforementioned areas. Such hits are available for licensing or for Co-development agreements with interested companies.

Drug Discovery services:it includes the design, synthesis and evaluation of candidate molecules to interact with pharmacological targets. Our team has:

-        Infrastructure: with the latest techniques of chemistry synthesis, medicinal chemistry, high throughput analysis, high throughput experimentation, structural elucidation and intellectual property search.

-        Wide experience.

-        Know-how: organic synthesis, biotechnology and biocatalysis processes through the use of proprietary enzymes or with live microorganisms.

Inkemia offers:

Flexibility: up to complementary 4 ways of synthesis of compounds.

      Added value: we not only provide you the desired compounds but as well the whole synthesis pathway for a further pilot or industrial scale up.

      We can produce any type of native, recombinant or mutant enzyme.

      Wide experience and background in analysis and synthesis.

The Licensing Out Department also carry out Co-development Agreements with other companies by providing the compounds obtained in its research and cooperating with some expenses and/or tests, and the other companies carry out the in vitro/in vivo efficacy and safety tests with such compounds. 

In case of success, the Intellectual Property and any income from the licensing as well as the the expenses done until the product had been licensed are shared 50% by each party.

We are a dynamic, flexible and creative team in the search of solutions for our customers,  as well as a market oriented company


-        S50: the first new advanced biofuel economically viable of Europe obtained from crude glycerol or any source of triglycerides like vegetable oils, used cooking oils, animal fats, etc.

-        Bioheating oil: it is a fuel for boilers in production processes that demand a big amount of energy like those of cement, asphalt, distilleries, chemical companies, etc. It notably improves the air quality when compared with traditional fossil fuels like fuel oil.

-        Glycerol to FAME (biodiesel) technology: we have developed a technology that allow the biodiesel producers to increase its profitability through the transformation of crude glycerol, a very low added value by-product obtained in the biodiesel production, into biodiesel, a biofuel of common use in the road transport.


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