InKemia IUCT group works with companies under contract by helping them develop their projects, either focusing in obtaining products that are commercially attractive, solving production problems or developing new processes.

The collaboration modalities go from specific projects developed in a limited period of time to signing a contract that allows collaboration in different projects for a long period of time, 1 or 2 years, allowing more flexibility to introduce new ideas as they appear. Theses modalities are based in the application of working groups in full time equivalent that allow us to adjust to each project’s individual needs. All the intellectual property rights or technical knowledge derived from the project belong to the client from the moment the contract is signed.

Another option to consider is the execution of projects in collaboration mode. In this option there are two possibilities: the first one consists in looking for financing by requesting it from programs that aid R+D, the second one consists in the client and InKemia IUCT group sharing the risk that executing the projects represents. In this last option, in case of success, both parts share the profit and the intellectual property must be negotiated as part of the deal.

InKemia IUCT Group can also licence part of its patented technology. The commercial terms in this option are subject to studying each case.

InKemia IUCT Group is always open to different possibilities and proposals form the companies. Two of our most important values are flexibility and the capacity to adapt ourselves to our client’s needs.




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