Industrial Biotechnology

  • Development of non-pathogen genetically modified organisms
  • Research, isolation, characterization, and obtention of new microorganisms with biotechnological interest for their application in the chemical synthesis and food industry sectors, among others. Therefore optimizing the classical synthesis routes and obtaining new products.
  • Obtention of novelty enzymes as industrial biocatalysts for the fine chemistry sectors and related activities.


Techniques of specialization

  • Cloning of eukaryotic and prokaryotic host cells
  • Cloning with a wide variety of vectors
  • Constitutive and induced expression of proteins in prokaryotes and yeasts.
    Primer design
  • Set-up for Bio-transformation reactions by means of microorganisms or purified fragments of microorganisms
  • Biosynthesis of antiviral and anti-cancer APIs
  • Biosynthesis of monomers and K3 vitamin
  • Product and metabolite purification
  • Product or metabolite identification. Creation of fusion proteins.
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Ames test


Biosynthesis (Biocatalysis or Fermentations)

  • High yield biotechnological synthesis of APIs. More efficient and less contaminating processes. Higher yields and less production of impurities
  • Substitution of chemical process for biotechnological ones. Alternative routes not protected by intellectual properties. High selectivity. Minimization of reaction stages.
  • Design and optimization of biocatalysts
  • Design of biocatalytic processes
  • Scale-up studies of biotechnological processes

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