Analysis and control




Control of physical-chemical parameters

  • Assay
  • Impurities
  • Residual solvents
  • Viscosity
  • Heavy metals
  • Humidity
  • Others required by the product specification


Methods of analysis

  • Start-up of physical-chemical analysis methods
  • Validation of analytical methods according to ICH guidelines.


Stability studies for cosmetic products

    • Protocol drafting for stability studies
    • Storage of samples in climatic chambers under ICH conditions
    • Analytical control
    • Drafting of stability study report.


Chemical Analysis (Environmental)

    • Chemical characterization of waste and drinking water
    • Analysis for specific contaminants in natural and waste waters both municipal and
    • industrial.
    • Analysis for contaminants in focal points of industries’ atmospheric emissions
    • Analysis for contaminants in soil and sediments


Metal Analysis

    • Atomic absorption –Flame - Hydride generation
    • Atomic absorption - Graphite


Industrial Hygiene

    • Environmental quality in the work place
    • Determination of chemical contaminants: solvents, metals, particles
    • Determination of physical contaminants: temperature, noise, vibration, radiation
    • Determination of biological contaminants: pathogens


Product Safety

    • Biodegradability test of commercial products according to official regulations (OECD, ISO)
    • Toxicity and ecotoxicity test
    • Metal content and toxic organic compounds content


Instrumental Techniques

    • Gas Chromatography flame ionization detector (GC-FID)
    • Gas Chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
    • Gas Chromatography, head space
    • HPLC, ultraviolet
    • HPLC, mass spectrometry
    • Atomic absorption spectrometry, flame-hydride generation
    • Atomic absorption spectrometry, graphite chamber
    • Infrared spectrometry, FT-IR
    • Molecular absorption spectrophotometry, UV-visible
    • Nuclear magnetic Resonance (400 MHz)


    • Microbiological control of foods
    • Microbiological control of beverages
    • Microbiological control of packaged foods
    • Microbiological control of prepared meals, precooked meals, cold meals or sterile packaging.
    • Microbiological control of surface areas
    • Food handling control
    • HACCP evaluation
    • Evaluation of bactericidal and fungicidal activity of antiseptic and disinfectants according to ISO and UNE-
    • EN regulations.
    • Control of drinking water
    • Control of swimming water
    • Microbiological characterization of waste waters and drinking water
    • Microbiological control of raw materials and finished products
    • Validation of microbiological control methods
    • Challenge test
    • Microbiological assessment of vitamins (B12, biotin)
    • Bacterial endotoxins (LAL) in raw materials, finished products, purified waters and production water by the
    • Gel Clot method
    • Ames Test


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