At INKEMIA Laboratories we offer a full set of food lab services. We perform analyzes on a wide range of parameters in all types of products.

Main food analyses include:

• Microbiological analysis: Compliance with regulatory standards and legislation from different competent bodies. Characterization of micro flora and pathogens in ready to eat products, packaged food and intermediates.

• Physicochemical analysis: nutritional analysis, nutritional facts checking and analysis, food labeling assessment to follow European and international legislation, etc.
• Protocols in hygiene, safety and quality: analysis of food samples, hygiene in surfaces and food handlers, etc.


At INKEMIAwe perform all kind of analysis on waste and drinking water for government agencies, businesses and individuals.

Main water analyses include:

• Analysis of drinking water from wells and cisterns.
• Tap water: Quality control of tap water from food manufacturers (water used in the process to elaborate food products)
• Complete analysis by applicable law and regulation
• Pools and Spas: regular monitoring to ensure proper maintenance and safety of sports and leisure facilities
• Legionella control analysis
• Wastewater: Analysis according to legislation and regulation.

R & D

At INKEMIA Laboratories we are committed to help the food industry to meet current and future needs. To that extend with develop research for new and better techniques of analysis. And, equally important, we also help companies to improve their current analysis and processes.

Following these principles, ASLAB Laboratories has enhanced technically food products (following food operators’ needs) in areas such as: longer shelf-life, better nutritional profile and less or better additives. In order to achieve our customer goals in these areas we work side by side with the R&D and quality departments of food manufacturers.

The key areas of work supporting R&A include:

• Shelf-life studies – Validation of product Shelf-Life
• Challenge Test
• Study of additives vs. product Shelf-life
• Design / develop new products based on customer specifications
• Feasibility study of different kind of packaging


At INKEMIA Laboratories we provide a complete consulting service to its customers to achieve the quality objectives that they need to compete effectively. We provide consulting services focused on implementation of international or national standards in the fields of food, quality and environment.

The main fields in consulting services include:

• Support plans of HACCP according to EC legislation. Design and implementation of proper hygienic practices in your facility.
• HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points): design, implementation and maintenance in all food industry sectors.
• Implementation of international food standards IFS / BRC / ISO 22.000
• Legislative advice to comply with legal compliance regulations and voluntary compliance.
• Advice on labeling (EC, US)
• Conducting internal audits / external
• Implementation of quality and environmental standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.


At INKEMIA we also perform training courses addressing the needs of the food industry and catering.

The main education courses we provide include:

• Education in GMP to Food handlers and supervisors (Good manufacturing practice): e-learning and on site
With our courses, food handlers and supervisors receive appropriate training in proper food handling techniques and food-protection principles. They also receive education on the dangers of poor personal hygiene and sanitary practices.
Training programs are periodically reviewed and up dated to ensure food handlers remain aware of all up-to-date procedures necessary to maintain safety and prevent adulteration of food.
• Customized courses on different subjects: food processing, handling, hygiene, allergens etc.
• Quality Courses: custom implementation of HACCP, IFS, BRC, etc.

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